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Our firm specializes in bringing early stage projects to the market by providing  full finance package preparation, funding assistance, and project development and execution services on the owner group's behalf.  Unless you already have a "bankable" finance package, we can undertake that with full verification and documentation can be accomplished over a 4 to 6 week period for a fraction of the fees of other firms and provide the point of departure  for early capital infusion, JV partnership deals,  letters of Intent for major construction finance, and the needed backup to costs, expenses, and equity/debt returns in the project.


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To obtain project funding, firms typically position their suite of services as a prerequisite to introducing your new-build projects to potential funders, lenders, JV partners, or buyers.  Some even represent that funds they control are available, but first require up front fees.  Our firm understands that this does more to meet their  needs than it does to meeting your project needs.  Your project needs potential funders engaged from the beginning - during the development of the full finance package, not after.  Our approach ensures that professional expertise is on board for your project without spending $50,000 to $200,000 or more before real capital approaches the table.  

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